Friday, 30 December 2011

Supa Nova welcomed the Monkey King cosplay

Monkey King cosplayer: Deni Chau.

Supa Nova welcomed the 1st ever Chinese origin character cosplay "The Monkey King"
25 June 2011.

Supa Nova is a pop cultural expo and it is happening once a year in almost all capital cities in all Australian states. In the expo showground there are many stalls offering sales (such as anime cartoons, movies) as well as costumes and props, video games including game competitions, arts and mangas. Interestingly if you come to this expo you will find many people wearing cosplays. There is a cosplay competition provided by Madman. It’s a company that sells entertainment videos and music. Most of Japanese anime videos are available from Madman. The Madman cosplay competitions are held at Supa Nova every year.

On 25 June 2011, Supa Nova is happening in Claremont Perth Australia. It is my first time in my life ever to attend this great costume show-off event and more than that it is my first time ever to register a cosplay competition. I arrived at Supa Nova at 11:45am without wearing my Monkey King costume. I went in and was amazed to see people wearing great cosplays but none of theirs looks like Chinese or even not like any Korean characters. Storm Trooper cosplay (from Star Wars) is the most number of costumes I saw.

According to my friends who attended Supa Nova in the past years in Perth and friends who attended Supa Nova in Eastern States did not see any true Chinese origin character on the showground.

Although some said they saw a Monkey style character which they did not think he was the true Monkey King character since he did not wear Monkey wig and nose or even did not look like a Monkey at all.
On 25 June 2011 at Supa Nova showground in Perth, I dressed as Monkey King and went out to the public at 12:20pm without the wig and the crown feathers until one of my best friends named Yongky Ong came at 1pm.

Soon after I wore the nose, wig, and the feather crowns I was flocked by many people to take photos.


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