Friday, 17 February 2012

Monkey King cosplay appeared on the stage

Monkey King cosplay appeared on the stage.
25 June 2011.
I stood on the stage as the last cosplayer at Madman Regular Cosplay competition at Supa Nova on Saturday 25 June 2011.

I played the skit-play based on the Chinese drama when the Monkey King was on the Buddha palm, wrote a sentence on one of Buddha fingers. I spent about 5 minutes doing the skit-play and another 5 minutes being interviewed by John Robertson (the MC).

This is my first ever being on a stage as a cosplayer, I was so nervous until I even haven't talked anything to John. I saw Kim Dao and I saw Eugene O'Sullivan. Fortunately someone recorded a video of me.

At the end before I left the stage, Eugene lifted up his camera and pointed at me. Before he pressed the shutter button, I gave him my best pose ever.
After that everyone went outside waiting for the competition results.

Monkey King cosplayer: Deni Chau.

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